Oliver Linton's Home Page


I am a retired physics teacher and my hobbies include travelling abroad, computer programming, listening to and performing classical music, walking in the fells, landscape photography and making models. A number of photograph albums of my travels will be found in PHOTO ALBUMS

I publish here a number of articles and computer programs which may be of interest to a wider public.

VBRHAPSODY is a fully featured music notation editor which is comparable to other programs costing hundreds of pounds. VBRhapsody is freeware.

The BOOKS AND ARTICLES folder contains a collection of essays on some of my favorite subjects: Relativity, Quantum Theory and Consciousness, music etc.. Some of them are available in book form from LULU.

A collection of articles on mathematics can be found in the MATHEMATICS folder.

The SOFTWARE folder contains a miscellaneous collection of programs which I have written using VB.net. These programs are published under the terms of the Open Content license and in many cases full source code is included.

If you wish to get in touch with me, my email address is jolinton@btinternet.com

Last updated: January 2017